Case Study: Stockyard Control Systems ImprovementsأربØ-أموال-بسرعة-بدون-إستثمار PPM has been engaged to project manage a control systems specialist from Germany  who were contracted to optimise the stockyard control system which consists of one Stacker and one Reclaimer at an iron ore mine in Pilbara, WA.

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this content Upon initial investigation conducted by the control systems specialist, inefficiencies were observed in the current stacking sequence and changes were proposed to produce flat faced piles which would help increase stockpile capacity and reclaiming efficiency. The reclaimer performance could also be optimised by minimising the amount of step advance and time lost at reversing points for slewing.

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eu bank the binary com PPM having project managed international vendors in the past provided a seamless interface between the Owner’s Operations Team, Stacker and Reclaimer OEM and Control Systems Specialist. Assistance was also provided by technical specialists within PPM in software commissioning for both the Stacker and Reclaimer as well as the development of HMI. With the PID controller of the reclaimer optimised to run closer to its hardware limits, PPM contracted Aspec Engineering to conduct an in-depth review of the machine’s protection settings to ensure it is still operating within the safe operational limits set by the OEM.

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watch Project achievements includes stockpile capacity increase of 18% and reclaiming rate increase from 9,500tph from 12,000tph which resulted in a record train load out time of 2 hours and 49 minutes from its average 4 hours.

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