Case Study: Coal Terminal Capacity Upgrade

forex kostnad växla PPM has provided ongoing support to a major client’s coal terminal capacity upgrade.  Coal suppliers have forecast continued growth in coal exports through this terminal.  With the current infrastructure now approaching 30 years old, our client sought to define a cost-effective upgrade path which would provide an increase to terminal capacity within an acceptable timeframe.  The client also sought to refurbish or replace key operating plant in parallel to the upgrade, without limiting terminal capacity during implementation.

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watch PPM has been appointed as the Project Manager of an integrated Owners’ Project Team for the Upgrade Project based on site.   PPM provided flexibility to the client by varying project team size and technical capabilities to suit the changing requirements of the project.  PPM also assisted with additional parallel investigations as required. 

binäre optionen software With PPM, the Project Team developed a staged approach to the upgrade.  Specialist consultants where recruited as required e.g. for simulation modelling.  The proposed approach to the upgrade involves an optimisation of the existing plant as currently configured, followed by a more significant upgrade to infrastructure which will provide more stockyard capacity and a second high-capacity shiploading stream.