Case Study: Steel Strip Processing Facility - Operational ImprovementsأربØ-أموال-بسرعة-بدون-إستثمار PPM were engaged to review a Western Australian steel strip processing facility which due to its inability to meet operational tolerances is suffering from reduced throughput.

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this content PPM conducted an in depth technical review of the mechanical and electrical systems. Although it was originally thought that the electrical systems were the cause of the problem, it became evident as a result of the review that there were significant mechanical issues such as wear on rolls, major damage to the main feed up roll and gear box and inconsistent operating practices.

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watch PPM went on to implement the recommendations and installed a new gear box, couplings and repaired rolls, recommissioned the feedup roll drive and control system and achieved a repeatable positioning tolerance of +/-0.5mm at operating throughputs previously not thought possible.

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