Case Study: Soft Wood ChippingأربØ-أموال-بسرعة-بدون-إستثمار PPM’s client proposes to operate and maintain a new softwood chipping and woodchip handling plant.  PPM has been employed to oversee the project on behalf of its client.

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this content The facility will process softwood logs into woodchips for further processing into newsprint and speciality papers.

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eu bank the binary com The Facility will provide the following features:-

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  • Flexibility to process log lengths ranging from  2.4 – 12 metres long
  • Generation of consistent and uniform chips
  • A fully blended chip furnish to the TMP, completely incorporating on-site and purchased chips plus mature and juvenile wood deliveries
  • A cost effective operation in terms of operation/maintenance personnel and up-time efficiency
  • Improved environmental performance; and
  • Improved chip storage operations and  management.